Great Infographic: Hot Topics in Product Development and Innovation

Staying ahead of the curve when developing products has many different motivating factors. APQC conducted a survey to find out what product development and innovation topics were most important to organizations. This infographic by APQC outlines the results of that survey and found two overarching trends. 63% of respondents said that their top priority for

Improving the Product Development Process

The Product development process is a mechanism which delivers the new products reliably for the distribution or manufacture. It is critical and core component of a product strategy where the product can be created by you rather than sourcing from the supplier. There are many organizations that are trying to influence their product development efforts

What is the Product Development Process?

Explaining the product development process is going to be a painful and tedious process. It’s not that the process is difficult, nor is it a problematic field in any way. It’s just painfully difficult to explain this in words. It’s impossible to not miss describing something important, resulting in an incomplete view of what the