8 Product Managers LinkedIn profiles you can draw inspiration from

I believe that it’s important to learn what we can from our peers in the professional world, and I think that can be done in a number of ways. From one-on-one conversations, to researching other professionals’ methods yourself, applying new insights or methods to your work can only lead to increases success. I put together a list of a few of the top product management professionals I found on LinkedIn who are sure to inspire you with their vast accomplishments and experience.

1. Nandu Sankaran: Product Management at Apple Retail

Nandu Sankaran is an experienced product leader who specializes in driving vision and roadmap for businesses. He focuses on collaboration between customer and company, with cross-functional partners to deliver successful results. Among Nandu’s specialties include eCommerce, multi-platform multi-channel checkout experience, product strategy and managing a roadmap.

2. Cynthia Tillo: Principle Product Manager (SaaS Marketing Solutions) at Adobe Systems

Cynthia Tillo is currently the product manager for Adobe Experience Manager, and a respected leader in web content management across industry analysts including Forrester and Gartner. Cynthia overseas Asset solution, a unique solution for digital asset management through delivery of excellent media experiences.

3. Daniel Galam: Product Manager at NeoGames

Daniel Galam has vast experience in writing product specifications as well as UML diagrams for a product, wireframing screens, performing marketing research, and developing various solutions upon request using PHP, Jacascript and MYSQL. In addition, Daniel has overseen many projects, leading the product roadmap and vision.

4. Anshul Dhawan: Lead Product Manager- Analytics & Central Platform at Zynga, Co-Founder at The School of Games

Anshal Dhawan focuses on large scale data and analytics, data mining and machine learning. He is currently the lead product manager at Zynga, and works combining the best of technology, data and product and design to execute a successful product vision.

5. Yi-Bing Shi: Product Manager at Uber

Y-Bing Shi specializes in customer research and usability, product and project management, cross-functional communications, and more. As one of her past accomplishments, Yi-Bing led a team to launch a dashboard that allows investor buyers to register and bid on registration properties through the Auction.com iPad app.

6. Subha Moturi: Product Manager, Product & Business Systems at Tesla Motors

Subha Moturi is a skilled product manager with years of experience in the field. Among her numerous specialties include custom product development for enterprise business systems, business process mapping, and product roadmaps.

7. Tina Lam: Product Line Manager at VMware

Tina Lam’s area of expertise lies in productizing new software technology beginning with concept, all the way to production. She successfully creates hardware platforms that increases revenue and results in competitive wins, in addition to managing the product lifecycle.

8. Neeraj Joshi: Senior Product Manager at OpenTable

Neeraj Joshi has many years of experience specializing in creating and deploying successful consumer offerings within financial services, tax and social CRM space. He leads his team through the entire lifecycle of a product from start to finish.





















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