10 Product Fails To Be Happy You Aren’t Associated With

The central goal of product managers is to plan, forecast, produce, and market products. Product managers set out by finding out what consumers want, making sure the product will sell, and ensuring that it is easy/pleasant to use or consume. With extensive research, testing, retesting, and changes, product managers spend long hours designing the perfect product that they think will succeed the most. Often they succeed but sometimes, they fall short…very short.

You are about to witness 10 embarrassing (and hilarious) product fails, which occurred, most likely, due to failed product management. Major flops as the ones presented below can also happen in the world of SaaS. In order to increase the chances you won’t star in the next list, download our white paper: “How a Product Manager Can Keep Customers Happy when Releasing a Major Product Update.” Claim your FREE copy by filling this form:


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