The Netflix Character Guide to Hiring a Junior Product Manager

  There is no golden recipe or singular attribute to look for when hiring a junior product manager. The nature of the position requires a yin yang of traits ranging from technical to analytical to interpersonal.   While the job description differs greatly from company to company, junior product managers generally are responsible for researching,

My Top 6 Favorite Product Management Articles I Discovered on Medium this Month

This January, as we recovered from our vacations and New Year’s parties and rediscovered what it means to wake up at 6am every day, Medium authors were hard at work writing and publishing some amazing content. From advice on how to increase your productivity for a more optimistic future, to technical product tips, Medium is

Discover the Secret to Leading the Finest Product Team Yet with Lea Goldberger

Lea Goldberger is a product executive, consultant and mentor. She currently works at IT Central Station as the VP of Product Management. Her areas of expertise include leading content, community and social teams in order to achieve their goals through optimal execution strategies. Lea prides herself in bringing inspiration and motivation to each and every

6 Blogs All Product and IT Specialists Should Add to Their 2017 Reading List

As a dedicated blogger, I often enjoy browsing through other blogs during my free time in order to keep up on the latest trends in the field. In addition to discovering new information about the product development and the tech world, I find it fascinating to learn from others’ day-to-day practices.   I’ve compiled a

Business Analyst vs Product Manager – Setting Things Straight

Let me set something straight: The product development process is an intricate route that requires detailed attention in all areas. Therefore, each team member must be prepared to pick up the slack even if it isn’t in their job description. Or, on the other hand, they must be ready to step aside and make room

The Day I Found The Solution (I Never Thought Existed) To This All Too Common Product Management Problem

“What problem are you referring to exactly?” you may ask. Well, let me back-track for a minute, I’d like to share a personal story with you, an experience from a past job.   As product managers, we utilize many tools and software to develop our products and manage our teams as efficiently as possible. So,