The Netflix Character Guide to Hiring a Junior Product Manager

  There is no golden recipe or singular attribute to look for when hiring a junior product manager. The nature of the position requires a yin yang of traits ranging from technical to analytical to interpersonal.   While the job description differs greatly from company to company, junior product managers generally are responsible for researching,

My Top 6 Favorite Product Management Articles I Discovered on Medium this Month

This January, as we recovered from our vacations and New Year’s parties and rediscovered what it means to wake up at 6am every day, Medium authors were hard at work writing and publishing some amazing content. From advice on how to increase your productivity for a more optimistic future, to technical product tips, Medium is

The Ultimate Free Library of 2016 Product Management Content

As 2016 comes to a close, I’d like to take a minute to look back at the accomplished year we’ve had. From the rise of new technologies and exciting advancements, to alternative product management methods, this year has truly been memorable. I compiled a list of my favorite articles published by the industry’s finest over

7 Thoughts about The Spooky Effects of IoT on Product Development

This October, dive into the world of IoT (Internet of Things) and take a look at the significant impact it’s made on product management as a whole. Learn how to design a successful IoT product, discover new IoT products designed to simplify the IoT discovery process, and bust some common creepy IoT myths. Grab your

9 Articles to Help Your Product Development Team Stay Organized

During the product development process one of the biggest challenges isn’t necessarily developing the actual product, rather it’s keeping your team organized so they can work as efficiently as possible. Both on an individual and group scale, organization is the key to a functioning development team. I’ve compiled a list of invigorating articles published this