My Top 6 Favorite Product Management Articles I Discovered on Medium this Month

This January, as we recovered from our vacations and New Year’s parties and rediscovered what it means to wake up at 6am every day, Medium authors were hard at work writing and publishing some amazing content. From advice on how to increase your productivity for a more optimistic future, to technical product tips, Medium is a great forum for product management insight and ideas.


The Mindful Way to Ultimate Productivity

I think every manager out there can relate to feeling crippled at times due to all they have to get done, which then leads to a lack of productivity and inevitably a never ending cycle. This article offers a unique perspective on how to overcome those feelings of procrastination and self-doubt in order to see real results and essentially increased productivity. Break the cycle and reach your goal of ultimate productivity with Benjamin Foley.


Growing Startups When the Product Sucks

Now, I’m not saying your product sucks, in fact it’s probably the opposite. However when other people aren’t aware of how incredible and useful your product is, it’s challenging for your startup to get off the ground and reach success.  This article by Ali Mese, a startup marketer, offers great advice on how to turn things around so that your product sees the light of day, and receives the attention it deserves.

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Your 2017 Product Management Tool Survival Kit

Aside from managing a team, product managers have a great many more technical responsibilities. Product managers must understand the nuanced differences to each tool they implement. I’ve put together a list of some of the top product management tools available, with a short explanation of each of their perks.


The Most Important Thing Dropbox Did to Scale Product Management

It’s always useful to learn about various tactics implemented by other successful companies in order to apply them to your own product. In this case, Dropbox is a great example of a small company rapidly scaled. Sean Lynch shares his personal experience of observing Dropbox climb the ladder of success, and what he learned from the process.


Product vs. Single Projects (and 8x Teams)

John Cutler provides excellent definitions and explanations about the differences between single projects and SaaS products in his short but informative article. Discover why he stresses the importance of context in understanding each of these definitions and where and when they apply.  


Position, Position, Position!

You may not be aware of this, but the position you’re attempting to hold is actually one of the most important concepts to perfect in product management. This article, by Ryan Singer, stresses the importance of focusing on the thought process behind each choice made about your product. It may seem irrelevant to some, but Singer explains why it’s crucial for product developers to understand the position each of their decisions create for the product.

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