9 Articles to Help Your Product Development Team Stay Organized

During the product development process one of the biggest challenges isn’t necessarily developing the actual product, rather it’s keeping your team organized so they can work as efficiently as possible. Both on an individual and group scale, organization is the key to a functioning development team. I’ve compiled a list of invigorating articles published this September which offer insightful tips and tools to help your team remain organized.

The Top 6 Free Task Management Software

Looking for a software to help your team members organize themselves? Well, look no further! Rachel Burger lists the best free task management software these is based on her extensive research. Encouraging your team members to implement one of these software will give them the opportunity to better organize themselves so they work more efficiently. Each software includes features that track due dates, label tasks clearly and concisely, and provide helpful reminders.

Product Management in 2017: What Does the Future Hold?

Get your team ready for 2017 with Jeff Lash’s insights into what’s in store for product management for the following year. It’s common for product management teams to begin organizing themselves for the following year about six months before the new year. Lash discusses five important trends product leaders should be focusing on in 2017. Organize your team for future successes by showing them these important developments.

Four Work Habits You Need to Change at Each Stage of Your Career

Learning from others’ experiences is sometimes the most productive educational method. Danielle Merfeld shares her insights she gained from her various management roles throughout her career. She lists five work habits that should be implemented or removed, depending on which stage of your career you’re in. Within product management teams each member is in their own unique stage in their career, so it’s important that every individual understands how to maximize their own potential.

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ProductBoard Helps Product Managers Figure Out What to Build Next… and Why

This article is for you, product leaders! They always say that you must help yourself before you help others. One of the major aspects that goes into leading and organizing an effective product team is being an effective leader. Read about ProductBoard’s latest service which helps product managers organize all the information needed to decide what products to build, putting it all in one place in a comprehensible fashion.

5 Career Ruining Management Moves Brought to You by the Muppets

Read about five important management tactics every product manager should be aware of. Learning what not to do when managing a team is essential to figuring out how to successfully manage a team and develop a product. Teach these tactics to your team members, and be sure to stress the importance of avoiding these mistakes.

How Product Managers Can Influence Virtual Teams- with Hassan Osman

Improve the way you work with your virtual team with these insights from product expert Hassan Osman. Chad McAllister summarizes the interview he conducted with Hassan Osman about what goes into building and running a productive virtual team. Listen to this interesting podcast, and learn how to organize your virtual team along with maximize their potential by gaining their trust through your leadership skills.

5 Lies Product Managers Tell Themselves

Set your team straight with Ian Geiger. Don’t allow your team members to narrow their views of the market, their customers or even their competitors. Organize their perspective by identifying these five concepts and discussing why it’s important to remain focused on the bigger picture. Remind them to follow their intuition, for example, even if a survey is contradictory.


What Highly Effective Product Teams Are Doing Differently

In this article you’ll find a great summary about what exactly makes an effective product team, and how to design your own. An efficient product team has their own unique method that allows them to work together in a productive manner. Each team member has the ability to organize themselves so that they are capable of working with others. Janna Bastow shares her observations on how to create an organized and productive team, the goals they should set for themselves, and how to interact with the rest of the company.

5 Communication Mistakes to Avoid with Your Team

“Communication is key.” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard at least once, but how many of us really take it to heart? When managing a team you must leave room for open communication, as poor communication is a major reason why projects fail. Susanne Madsen lists five common communication mistakes that every team can learn from. Constant communication with your team leads to a productive and efficient team.

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