6 Articles to Help Successfully Launch Your Product this November

Launching a product was once a simple task, which used to just involve spreading the news word of mouth, and that was it. However, in a world where information travels as fast as the blink of an eye, ensuring that your product isn’t outshined during its reveal is no easy task.


In this month’s roundup, these professionals share their insights and wisdom into how to successfully launch your product into the market so that it doesn’t become outshined.


The 11 Step Launch Marketing Plan

Much of a successful launch is dependent upon your company’s marketing plan. No matter how essential or how flashy your new product is, if it hasn’t been marketed correctly it won’t succeed once it hits the shelves. This article provides 11 steps to creating and implementing a successful marketing plan, along with providing fascinating examples, to make sure that your product will have the chance to succeed.


Don’t Just Settle for being a “Good” Product Manager. Strive for “Greatness”

Striving for excellence during product development is key to producing a successful product, and launching it with confidence. In my recent article I featured a talk by distinguished product expert Rich Mironov, who explains how to achieve product excellence. If your product has been managed correctly, there is a much higher chance of achieving a successful product launch.


Internal Communication for Product Launch: What Info Matters Most?

It’s important to weed through unnecessary content when creating your internal communications plan for your product launch. The method in which you choose to communicate your product strategy to your fellow employees is crucial to their understanding of their roles in the overall plan.

This informative read provides five essential elements to successfully relaying your product launch plan to your coworkers in order to ensure a successful product launch.


6 Tips for a New Product Launch

Are you planning an upcoming product launch? Are you looking to ensure that your upcoming product launch is as efficient and effective as possible? Implementing these six uniquely helpful tips will definitely put you on the right path to an effective product launch your coworkers will be talking about by New Year’s.


5 Steps to Successfully Launch a Product or Service

These five steps to a successful product launch are based on research from public relations and digital marketing departments. Applying information based on research leads to more successful outcomes, as research results are usually more accurate than shooting in the dark.

Making sure your product launch succeeds is determined by the methods which you choose to institute during your launch.


A Front Row Seat to What it Really Takes to Launch a Product

Afif Ghannoum provides us with a look into what it really takes to become one of the most well-known products on the market. Although the efforts you need to take may seem next to impossible, achieving this feat and launching a world-wide known product is one notable achievement. Ghannoum provides a different perspective on this topic, one I found truly compelling.




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