The Amazing Product Management Articles of August

In this month’s roundup I’ve compiled a list of some of the most fascinating and useful articles I came across. From a fantastic list of the best product management books, to an exclusive interview with one of the top experts in the industry, to lessons on how to successfully cope with and even prevent product management burnout. I’m confident there will be an article here for each one of you as August was a very information filled month for product management professionals.


1. Lewis Lin’s Favorite Books for PMs

Olaf Kowalik interviewed product management expert and author, Lewis C. Lin, to find out what his favorite product management books are. He compiled a list of Lin’s favorite books to read which provide methods to increase your product management expertise and skills. This list is very useful for all professionals out there, and Kowalik does a great job in explaining the main takeaways from each piece of literature.


2. Developing Your Product Dashboard and Reporting: Actionable Insight, Not a Magic 8-Ball

This article discusses the importance of measuring your product performance, and how to go about it in the most productive manner. Read about the most common reporting metrics, and what they mean in order to decide what to include within your product dashboard. Balance is key, and this article provides helpful insight as to how to successfully develop your product dashboard.

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3. Coping with Product Management Burnout

Colleen O’Rouke shares her knowledge based on her experiences of managing various teams. She knows first-hand what it’s like to feel burnt out from management. O’Rouke provides useful insight into how to cope with burnout, or even prevent it, and how to go about applying those methods.


4. How Product Managers Can Make Meetings Great Again

Are you sick of those boring meetings which seem to waste more time and resources than they’re worth? Nis Frome provides some helpful tips on how meetings can become what they should be- a productive and collaborative process. Frome advises applying certain techniques in order to make this happen and with his help your meetings will go from a gathering you dread to a fun and productive experience that you look forward to.


5. How Product Managers Use Themes to Build Winning Products

Brian de Haaff provides some excellent insights as to how to make good products great. Based on his own experiences, he lists some key steps product managers can take in order to come up with great product ideas that focus on their product theme. With tips on brainstorming and teamwork, this article is a fantastic source of information.


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6. How to Align UX with Product Management

In the world of business and innovation it’s extremely important to learn how to align certain departments. This is especially important when they are part of the same process and share the same end goal- to create a successful product. Nick Kellingley shares his knowledge on product management and UX design, and how to combine the two departments seamlessly for maximum effectiveness.


7. The Permanent/ Contract Dilemma for Product Professionals

Karine Masse summarizes one of her fabulous ProductTank talks, where she discusses how being a contractor can have a huge effect on the responsibilities and roles of product management.  Based on her own personal experience, Masse’s talk is both interesting and enlightening into what skills are required of a contractor within the product management world.


8. Dominate Your Product Ownership- An Interview with Expert Marianna Vranicar

This exclusive interview with product management expert Marianna Vranicar is full of informative tips and advice on product management, along with a fresh outlook on management itself. Vranicar shares some of her own experiences in order to portray the knowledge she’s accumulated over the years, and provides an interesting perspective in the world of product management.

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