7 Thoughts about The Spooky Effects of IoT on Product Development

This October, dive into the world of IoT (Internet of Things) and take a look at the significant impact it’s made on product management as a whole. Learn how to design a successful IoT product, discover new IoT products designed to simplify the IoT discovery process, and bust some common creepy IoT myths.

Grab your costume and get ready to visit the haunted house brought to you by IoT and product management!

How to Make Your First IoT Product a Great One

As IoT products become more popular, developers begin to question their worth. Find out how to ensure that your IoT products are successful, and how to combat the many new challenges that come with this new development concept. Despite the bad press IoT products have received lately, Tony Scherba doesn’t think they are worth giving up on just yet. In his article he lists useful tips on what developers should do in order to avoid product failure, and ensure success.

The Science of IoT Product Management

Discover the ins and outs and do’s and don’ts of IoT product development in Daniel Elizalde’s fascinating podcast for product managers. Elizalde created a unique framework that serves as a fantastic guide for building an IoT product called “The IoT Decision Framework.” It provides answers to the crucial questions every product manager must ask during the development process.

Harnessing the Future of Cellular IoT for the Growth of Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Take a look at an alternative product type- renewable energy, and learn about how IoT is related to the renewable agenda. Due to the benefits of cellular IoT, according to Eran Eshed, the return on implementing a renewable energy infrastructure should become more attainable for businesses everywhere.



What Makes for Great IoT Product Development?

Learn why companies in IoT are struggling to succeed, and what they need to do to survive in this cutthroat business. So, if your product is related to IoT, and you’re having trouble getting noticed, you may want to give this useful article a read.  It lists some great real-world examples of IoT products which have succeeded, and continue to see success in the market

IoT Solution to Drive Digital Transformation

Read about a new and innovative product meant to shorten the time from ideas to tangible benefits for customers’ IoT initiatives. This is done by providing the ability to turn IoT discoveries into actions immediately. This product is meant to lower risks, and accelerate IoT initiates in areas such as service management and asset management.

11 Myths about IoT Engineering

There are countless misconceptions about IoT engineering, and I feel that it’s important to put these tales to rest. Join William Wong as he busts these myths and sets us straight about IoT engineering, and everything included the development process of an IoT product.

This is How The ‘Internet of Things’ is Changing the Business Model of the World’s Biggest Technology Companies

Matt Weigberger discusses the suspected effects IoT will have on some of the largest technological companies around. He states that they’re looking at a new and exciting opportunity, as the demand for IoT products rises, the demand for technologies to use these devices rises as well. This article is a great resource to discover what the growing popularity of IoT products means for the market, especially if you are part of a tech company.

Presenting a Special Bonus Article…

Excel at Agile Product Development with PM Expert Paul Weismantel

Although this article isn’t directly focused on IoT, I just had to include this fantastic interview with expert Paul Weismantel about agile product management. Learn the ins and outs of agile product management from this expert, along with additional insights to product management as a whole.

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