This Week’s Top Product Management Articles 

Successful product management can be the difference between a strong product and a weak one. Product Management is about working as part of a successful team, using the resources around you and ultimately, exceeding customer and market expectations. Check out the best articles from the past week and learn how you can use product management

Hottest News in Product Management

The Rock/Paper/Scissors of Product Management Strategy This article, by Michael Dehaan, presents several schools and methods of product management strategies. After seeing product mangers in work at quite a few companies, Dehaan came up with 5 point to take in count when developing a product management strategy. Product Managers Want to Know: Can A Product

My Four Favorite Articles in Product Management This Week

This week I found some great articles full of valuable product management information. This includes Designers learning from Product Managers, relevant metrics to analyze and product launch tips. I highly recommend each one. What Designers can Learn from Product Managers This article Facebook product design director Julie Zhou speaks about traits that product managers have