My 5 Favorite Articles in Product Management This Week

Here a few of the best articles I found this week. They provide some great tips on strategy and information managing, as well as how to optimize teamwork and the shift in product packaging occurring in the application world.

#1 Here’s Your Focus for the First 30, 60, and 90 Days as a Startup Product Manager

This article maps out what product managers should achieve in the 30 Days, 60 Days and 90 days period. It comprises strategies that should help product managers in startups produce noticeable results. Using a concise list, it focuses on and defines the critical subjects requiring attention in a startup’s most critical periods.

#2 4 Product Information Management Best Practices for Ensuring Omnichannel Success

Matt Tortora points out in this article the important role information management has in a products success. It explains how through consolidation of product information, processes creation, information enrichment and optimization, a company can increase its customer conversion. There are some great tips in here how to make product information more manageable and more effective.

#3 Small Packages of Code Are the Biggest Thing in App-Making

This informative piece explains the dominant paradigm shift in product packaging from single inclusive applications to application packages. Finley explains how open source allows applications to be combined through package management, using unique software to simplify development. The article ends with an example of such a software company and how it exemplifies the shift in product management.

#4 The Roadmap Planning Process (RMP) in Product Management

This article conveys the important part of product roadmaps in the field of product management. It explains the different types of roadmaps and their relation to market analytics, how to construct a roadmap and what are the important tools company’s can utilize in making their product roadmap.

#5 How Product Managers Can Avoid Design by Committee

In this article we suggest a way to deal with the problems of managing a team in the process of product management. It defines a strategy of working in small groups and illuminates the important issues a product manager must focus on to improve productivity. It shows how through close management and empowerment of small talented groups, product managers can avoid the ever luming threat of “design by committee.

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