This Week in Product Management

In this week’s best in product management, we look at the importance of agility, the must have attributes of amazing product managers, and even a product management blueprint. 1. Product Management Rule #30: Agility is Key to Product Management Success In this article by Matthew Bookspan, he looks at the overarching elements for ensuring success.

The Week’s News in Product Management

In this week’s best in Product Management we outline some misconceptions, some personality traits of Product Managers and even outline a Lean process improvement guide. 1. What Product Managers Can Learn From Project Managers In this article by Paul Young, he outlines the differences between Product Managers and Project Managers and in particular how both

Best Product Management Articles This Year

 By: Mark @Spectechular Silver  Another year has come and gone and the life of a Product Manager is more important now than ever. I always try to learn from other experiences professionals. Here are 5 of my favorite product management articles published in 2014. Looking forward to another great year of reading and writing. 1. Why You Should Learn

This Week’s News in Product Management

 By: Mark @Spectechular Silver  In this week’s best in product management these articles tackle a definition of product management itself, and offer up insights into what kind of product manager is the most successful and even magnificent. 1.  What is Project Management? In this article by Roman Pichler, he tackles a definition and description of product management. Using

This Week’s News in Product Management

 By: Mark @Spectechular Silver  This week’s best in product management address some of the challenges ahead for product management in 2015, some tips to qualify yourself for a PM job and even presents a PM manifesto. 1. From Liberal Arts to Product Management In this article by Bo Ren, the author tackles just how to become a quality