Excel at Agile Product Development with PM Expert Paul Weismantel

  Presenting another expert interview as part of our exciting expert interview series!     Paul Weismantel is an agile Product Management leader who specializes in a wide range of technologies which deliver innovation and a unique ability to link design directly to customer value and competitive advantage. Paul specializes in leading teams to success

Video: Managing a World Cup Caliber Team

Watching the World Cup I couldn’t help but think about product management. I know, I know. Instead of relaxing and enjoying a good ol’ fashioned American win(!) I kept relating the game to work. I just thought about how the coach Jill Ellis was an excellent product manager. Throughout the World Cup, the USA team

7 Mistakes Product Managers Make that Cause Customers to Churn

* This article is part of a book called “How a Product Manager Can Keep Customers Happy when Releasing a Major Product Update” Churn is a dirty word in product management. It is also an increasingly important fact of life in today’s online business environment. When users complain about software supplied as a service, purchasers

My Favorite Articles this Week in Product Management

Amazing product managers are scarce. There are many things to consider when hiring this crucial role that is the core of your product’s success. Lots of companies often make beginner mistakes when growing their product team in hopes of scaling. Below are the best articles from this week on product management, what traits the optimal