My Favorite Articles this Week in Product Management

Amazing product managers are scarce. There are many things to consider when hiring this crucial role that is the core of your product’s success. Lots of companies often make beginner mistakes when growing their product team in hopes of scaling.
Below are the best articles from this week on product management, what traits the optimal product manager should possess and the type of role he/she plays in the team and company at whole.

1. Product Management is a Team Sport

Product managers must possess leadership capabilities in order to be successful. The focal point of this position is having the ability to lead a team and get them excited about working together towards a common goal. Martin Eriksson shares some pointers to help you succeed in being team player.


2. Tips for PM Introverts

Communicating with your team is crucial for the success of your company as a product manager. Some might think that being an introvert clashes with the optimal qualifications a person in this position should possess. Jackie Bavaro provides some tips on how you can be an introvert but yet a great product manager.

3. How To Staff Appropriately for a Successful Transition to Agile Product Management

Catherine Connor discusses the challenges in restaffing, or the need to shift a current staff’s mindset in order to adapt to a company’s transition in becoming agile. These things must happen so that the company can scale appropriately during this transition phase.

4. The Secret of Great Product Managers: Balancing the Worlds of ‘Techie’ and ‘Fuzzy’

Start-ups can cause themselves some serious damage by hiring product managers that lack the proper skill set. The Silicon Valley giants have mastered the trade, but many times these roles are vaguely defined and therefor staffed accordingly. William Hsu describes the key qualities and traits a great product manager should possess.

5. How Product Managers Can Avoid Design By Committee

Here, Mark Silver talks about the importance for any design committee to stay small, focused and collaborate effectively. Just because a company grows, doesn’t mean the core decision makers team needs to. In this case less really is more.


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