This Week in Product Management

In this week’s best in product management, we look at the importance of agility, the must have attributes of amazing product managers, and even a product management blueprint. 1. Product Management Rule #30: Agility is Key to Product Management Success In this article by Matthew Bookspan, he looks at the overarching elements for ensuring success.

Great Video: Technological Innovation ahead of their Time!

According to Donald Bell, “History is filled with brilliant ideas that changed the world and every idea must have sounded like the ravings of a lunatic at some point in time, before these bold visions took route and shaped the world we live in today.” The Sega Dreamcast, Logitech Fotoman, Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, Palm Pilot

Great Infographic: 5 Secrets of Professional Product Management

This infographic by PM Sphere offers a variety of useful tips to help you succeed as a product manager. The 10/50 Rule helps you to stay focused on the customer’s needs by letting him or her to the majority of the talking. Ask 3 is another great tip to help you identify potential problems before