This Week in Product Management

In this week’s best in product management, we look at the importance of agility, the must have attributes of amazing product managers, and even a product management blueprint.

1. Product Management Rule #30: Agility is Key to Product Management Success
In this article by Matthew Bookspan, he looks at the overarching elements for ensuring success. Particularly, flexibility and possessing organizational agility.

2. 4 Must Have Attributes of Amazing Product Managers
Lauren Maffeo’s articleidentifies the very best attributes found in the best product managers. From being perceptive, to being a visionary, if you’re looking at hiring a PM, or if you’re looking to sharpen your own skills, this article is for you.

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3. A Product Management Blueprint
Craig Kerstiens outlines his blueprint for effective product management in his article. This blueprint is his own process that has been productive for projects that range from small to those which are bigger and more strategic.

4.Going Against the Flow: Robby Stein, Head of Product Management at Yahoo!
In Charu Sharma’s article,she interviews Robby Stein, head of product management at Yahoo about his experiences. In doing so she gathers some pretty significant advice for PMs.

5. 7 Tips For a Striking Product Vision

Finally in this article we look at just how to articulate your product vision with seven easy-to-implement tools that you can start using today.

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