Best Product Management Articles This Year

 By: Mark @Spectechular Silver 

Another year has come and gone and the life of a Product Manager is more important now than ever. I always try to learn from other experiences professionals.

Here are 5 of my favorite product management articles published in 2014. Looking forward to another great year of reading and writing.

1. Why You Should Learn Product Management Instead of Coding

David Lumb’s article about the limitations of code-only positions. In his article he discusses a Brooklyn-based business, which is challenging their employees to learn to make products. Their argument is that it is no longer enough to teach or learn coding, but that digital products must be the focus and the reality.

2. How To Be An Effective Product Manager
Kate Swanburg’s article tackles the role of the product manager in team development, vision, communication and strategy. Her insights will prove particularly interesting to those leaders who are looking for better understanding of their role and its possibilities.

 3. Ask About the Past, Rather Than The Future

Teresa Torres article is an insightful piece about how to determine a potential customer’s future actions based on past behavior. By determining their latest behavior Torres will help you project possibilities in the future.

4. Product Management Rule #20: Clarify Product Position

There are over twenty rules that govern product management. Rule 20 emphasizes the need to clarify product position. Brian Lawley explains how this rule works and facts on how to adhere to it at all times.

5. 4 Tactics to Deliver Greater Functionality in Less Time

And one I wrote- We know your business has a lot to gain from improved functionality, but you can’t build better functionality without proper engagement with your customers. If you follow these four tips, you’ll gain improved function very quickly.

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