This Week’s Best News in Product Management

In this week’s best in Product Management, we look at some new and exciting product management rules, some rules to live by and even some great product management career moves.

1. Product Management Rules of Thumb 2: The Three Boxes Rules

In this article by Nils Davis, he runs through some of the rules he uses as a project manager and particularly, the three boxes rule to improve some processes for customers.

2. Meet the Product Manager

In Product Zine’s article they introduce us to the project manager, his/her role and the important work they do. Written in the first person, I think you’ll enjoy the overview provided and learn more about the role and its possible impact.

3. A Look at Product Management Tools [Infographic]

In this article by Lori Alcala the sales, she outlines an infographic which gives a snapshot of tools and technologies that PM’s are using most often today as well as their satisfaction with said tools, and the use of tools which are designed specifically for product management use.

4. You Can’t Talk to Customers. Really?

In Heather Seari’s article she challenges the idea that connecting with clients is an impossibility. If you’re struggling with the battle over who “owns” customer interactions, Seari’s article is a critical read.

5. 5 Irresistible Goals I Set For My Product Management Career in 2015

Finally in this article I challenge you to set some PM career goals by outlining some of my own. If you’re not sure you’re on the right track, this article may help you get there.


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