This Week’s News in Product Management

 By: Mark @Spectechular Silver 

This week’s best in product management address some of the challenges ahead for product management in 2015, some tips to qualify yourself for a PM job and even presents a PM manifesto.

1. From Liberal Arts to Product Management

In this article by Bo Ren, the author tackles just how to become a quality product manager, without the tone of a “how to” guide. From defining product management to shipping your product, you’ll find a solid outline of just how to handle the job.

2. Product Management Manifesto  

In this article by the 280 Group, we’re introduced to the product management manifesto and the many qualities of the very best in PM attributes.

3. Top Challenges for Product Management in 2015

In Jeff Lash’s article tackles some of the most frequently identified challenges for product management professionals, as well as the skills that the product managers on teams most need to succeed.

4. How to Qualify Yourself for a Product Management Job

In Jock Busuttil’s article he outlines the way to qualify yourself for a job in product management. From choosing the right degree or post-graduate opportunity to finding the right experience to build your portfolio, this article gives some great tips.

5.3 Different Types of Product Managers

Finally in this article we outline the different types of product managers and their skills/attributes. We hope that in this article you can identify your own type and find some insights into developing new and important leadership qualities.

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