The Week’s News in Product Management

In this week’s best in Product Management we outline some misconceptions, some personality traits of Product Managers and even outline a Lean process improvement guide.

1. What Product Managers Can Learn From Project Managers

In this article by Paul Young, he outlines the differences between Product Managers and Project Managers and in particular how both can learn from the other. In particular, he defines where the best traits of both managers overlap and how this can benefit product awareness.


2. The Five People You Meet In Product Management Heaven

In John Zilch’s article he provides this humorous take on the type of personas that make for the very best in product management. From the Miner to the Maven, you have definitely come across these types before and will absolutely agree that he captures these five traits well.

3. Misconceptions about Product Management

In Gabriel Steinhardt’s piece about product management misconceptions, he challenges the source of confusion about the particular role of PM and exactly why every product manager’s job description looks a little different.

4. Product Management in “Agile” Projects: How Product Managers Can Succeed

This article outlines some key excerpts from an interview with Greg Cohen. In particular Cohen articulates the difference between a product manager and product owner, and the top challenges faced in Agile projects.

5. The Complete Lean Process Improvement Guide

Finally we look at the Lean Process, and make significant recommendations for process improvements in this guide. If you are not yet certain about the lean process improvement or its affect on your business, this is a guide for you.


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