The Week’s Best in Product Management

1. Why You Should Learn Product Management Instead of Coding David Lumb’s article about the limitations of code-only positions. In his article he discusses a Brooklyn-based business, which is challenging their employees to learn to make products. Their argument is that it is no longer enough to teach or learn coding, but that digital products

This Weeks Top Five Articles in Product Management

1. Don’t use Project Management tools for Product Management Simon Cast’s article about this common challenge is a strong one. Why shouldn’t you use project management software for product management? If you’re not sure, you need to read this. 2. Video: How to Screw Up B2B This article by Janna Bastow helps position a video

This Week’s Best Articles in Product Management

#1 Infographic: Product Management & Agile Development Alex Ramirez outlines, with high quality visuals, follows the Agile processes. This infographic helps those of us who are more visually oriented get a better understanding of exactly how this product works. #2 Enabling Product Managers to manage Product Experience In Mrityunjay Kumar’s recent article he makes the