The Week’s Best in Product Management

1. Why You Should Learn Product Management Instead of Coding

David Lumb’s article about the limitations of code-only positions. In his article he discusses a Brooklyn-based business, which is challenging their employees to learn to make products. Their argument is that it is no longer enough to teach or learn coding, but that digital products must be the focus and the reality.

2. What’s the Role of your Customer in Product Management?

This article by Janna Bastow helps explain the appropriate levels of customer engagement required in product management processes, and in product management decisions. With direct customer involvement becoming more the norm, Bastow’s article has some important insights into critical customer questions and user testing requirements.

3. Agile Beyond Software: A Manifesto for All Industries

Michael Moore’s article on Agile software helps develop a new Agile manifesto which acknowledges its transformation and growth from software to product management solution.

4. 9 Science Based Methods for a Happier and More Productive Meeting

This article by Kevan Lee provides critical science based methods to hold more effective meetings. From timers to chair-less meetings, these ideas are bound to be effective changes when your meetings are dragging on.

5. How to Successfully Balance Innovation with Usability

This article on successful usability testing helps illustrate the need for fewer interruptions, and critical usability testing for both simple and complex changes to features.



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