Top Product Management Reads

1# The 3 Biggest Problems In Product Management Today-Part 1-Roles

One of the major roles of product managers is to gather information on the products and market trends. Use this information to make informed decisions. Here is an expert talk by Saeed Khan on 3 major problems that face product management today.

2# Three Horizons And Product Management

A few weeks ago, a group of product engineering team joined up to explore various customer support techniques and methods. Their aim was to come up with results that would improve product management. Find out if they achieved this goal is reading this article by Steve Johnson

3# Why Are So FEW Product Management Organizations Proactive?

Professional product management leaders get a chance to shape their future in terms of sales. However, this is not always a walk in the park. Read this article by Greg Geracie to understand why most managers are not proactive.

5# Infographic: Who Are Product Managers?

Who is a product manager? What roles and qualities do they have? Here is an article I wrote to help you understand who product managers are.


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