This Week’s Best Articles in Product Management

#1 Infographic: Product Management & Agile Development

Alex Ramirez outlines, with high quality visuals, follows the Agile processes. This infographic helps those of us who are more visually oriented get a better understanding of exactly how this product works.

#2 Enabling Product Managers to manage Product Experience

In Mrityunjay Kumar’s recent article he makes the case that product management teams should actually manage the product experience altogether. By outlining how managing the product requires that it goes through a series of changes, Kumar’s article outlines the specific requirements of the product management experience including case driven interactions, data driven analysis, and personal driven services.

#3 Product Management: What distinguishes the Top 1% of Product Managers from the Top 10%?

In Ian McAllister’s piece on the importance of Product Management, he outlines what exactly the top product managers do to set themselves apart.
#4 Infographic: The Difference between Mark Zuckerberg and an average 30-year-old

This article article uses humorous infographics to show you the difference between you and Zuckerberg. And there may be more in common than not. Other than the billionaire status that is.


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