Top 5 Articles on Product Management

1# The Distance Between A GREAT Idea and “An Elegant Really Beautiful Solution That Works”

Having a great idea does not really mean that it’s viable and capable of improving your business. There is a thin line between a great idea and a solution. Nils Davis, a professional consultant takes a look at this issue in a clear and simple manner.

2# Product Management Rule #20: Clarify Product Position

There are over twenty rules that govern product management. Rule 20 emphasizes the need to clarify product position. Brian Lawley explains how this rule works and facts on how to adhere to it at all times.

3# Shipping Is a Feature: Some Guiding Principles For People That Build Things

As a product manager, you have to strive to acquire new skills and information so as to hone your managerial skills. Here are some guiding principles and gold worthy tips from Steven Sinofsky for product managers.

4# Your MVP Is About Discovery-Not Product 

Most entrepreneurs go wrong when trying to market products. You’re MVP is discovering new ventures or features and not your product. Here is a brief but comprehensive article by Kelvin Dewalt to explain this fact to you.

5# 4 Big Lies Product Mangers Tell Themselves

As a product manager, you have to always be honest to yourself. We took a deep look at this concept and discovered 4 major lies that mislead product managers. Here is the article if you missed it earlier.


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