This Week’s Best in Product Management

1. How to Avoid Lowering Your Prices
This article by Jeff Lash will convince you to take a second look at your offerings prior to discounting your products. You’ll learn how to most effectively sell your customers on the value of your product instead of always having to negotiate them down.

2. The Chief Irritation Officer – Why Product Companies Need A Customer Champion

Arvind Jha does a great job of using a story to showcase why you need a customer champion to help build trust and confidence in your consumers.

3. Dealing with Feature Overload in Web Product Management

This article by D. Gudema offers ways to simplify your product instead of overloading it with features that can confuse and turn potential customers away.

4. Three Styles of Successful Product Management

David Miller’s article on the successful product management styles helps us understand just how the best product managers get the job done.

5. What Every Product Manager Needs to Know about Executing a Vision- Interview with Dell VP Product

This  interview with Dell’s Product Management VP Lubos Parobek gives some great insights and advice to PM professionals. From keeping PM’s happy at work to executing a vision, Parobeks’ advice is timely and clear.


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