This Weeks Top Five Articles in Product Management

1. Don’t use Project Management tools for Product Management

Simon Cast’s article about this common challenge is a strong one. Why shouldn’t you use project management software for product management? If you’re not sure, you need to read this.

2. Video: How to Screw Up B2B

This article by Janna Bastow helps position a video by Clancy Childs about common B2B horror stories and the ways we can move to overcome them.

3. How the Software Industry Redefines Product Management

Brad Power’s article about the importance of software in product development helps locate software alongside the continuous improvement of products and in product management.

4. How to not Lose 95% of Your Users

This article by Eric Menzies gives great advice about how even the most minor of details can have disastrous consequences when not managed appropriately.

5. R&D for the ‘Born-on-the-web’ generation: Part 2 – Interview with IBM’s Director of Product Line Management

This weeks’ article is an interview with Richard Talbot, IBM’s Director of Product Line Management. This interview gives great insights into the changing landscapes of software and technology.


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