This Week’s News in Product Management

 By: Mark @Spectechular Silver 

In this week’s best in product management these articles tackle a definition of product management itself, and offer up insights into what kind of product manager is the most successful and even magnificent.

1.  What is Project Management?
In this article by Roman Pichler, he tackles a definition and description of product management. Using some great graphics, he outlines the multi-faceted PM role, and core knowledge areas.

2. Avoiding Product Management Whiplash
Hemal Kuntawala’s article outlines some great advice and words of wisdom that he received while spending time with new product managers. He tackles what he calles PM whiplash, and I think you’ll find Kuntawala perspective refreshing.

3. What is Good Product Management?
In Giff’s article about good product management, he shares his recent talk on the qualities of good product managers, and the hiring of good PMs.

4. How To Be An Effective Product Manager
Kate Swanburg’s article tackles the role of the product manager in team development, vision, communication and strategy. Her insights will prove particularly interesting to those leaders who are looking for better understanding of their role and its possibilities.

5. 4 Key Ingredients of a Magnificent Product Manager

‫ Finally in this article we take a look at the attributes of the best and brightest product managers. From empathy to resiliency this list is sure to make you think about how to build an effective PM team.

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