The Latest in Product Management News

In this week’s best in product management, we look at just how to plan for the best and the worst in a launch and in your product roadmaps.

1. Before You Plan Your Product Roadmap
Des Traynor presents this article on the importance of planning your product roadmap in order to better understand the use of each of your product features. Traynor also discusses the importance of feature audits in order to provide you know with an early warning for any of your less well functioning features.

2. Product Debt
Ben Yoskovitz addresses the concept of “product debt” and the role it may play in the various parts or features of your product.


3. New Age Bootstrapping is not a Money Problem, It’s a Product Opportunity 
In this article by Ben Schippers, he addresses some of the opportunities available from bootstrapping. He also offers a top 10 list for getting started and some recommended tools for maximizing time to market.

4. 5 Effective Ways to Launch New Product

Finally in this article we look at 5 clear ways to improve your new product launch. If you’re looking to launch your product in a cost effective way, you’ll find some clear advice on how to do so.

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