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The Rock/Paper/Scissors of Product Management Strategy

This article, by Michael Dehaan, presents several schools and methods of product management strategies. After seeing product mangers in work at quite a few companies, Dehaan came up with 5 point to take in count when developing a product management strategy.

Product Managers Want to Know: Can A Product Be Too Popular

As product managers we all dream of the day that our customers become truly excited about our product and its product development definition. In a new blog post, Dr. Jim Anderson discusses the possibility of a product becoming TOO popular, focusing on the story of fashion designer Michael Kors.

What We Need in a VP of Product Management

This article by Rich Mironov outlines what a company is looking for in their VP of Product Management. This article is particularly useful for those of us hoping to gain the VP title someday- set the right goals and you can achieve success!

Building a Product with Your Customers in Mind

This is a particularly relevant topic to Product Managers. This article, by Amanda Saunders, outlines the integral role that Product Managers play in the success of their customers. It includes a short video from the Customer Success Summit and outlines best practices for designing a product that your customers will love and adopt.

7 Mistakes Product Managers Make that Cause Customers to Churn

Product managers often make mistakes that lead to end-user frustration and relationship rupture.  In this article, we tackle 7 of the most common ones. For example, listening too much to sales and CIOs , without taking into consideration that Salespeople can only comment on narrow sections of the business population, and that CIOs frequently have their heads in the clouds and operate at strategic levels, not everyday use levels.

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