My Four Favorite Articles in Product Management This Week

This week I found some great articles full of valuable product management information. This includes Designers learning from Product Managers, relevant metrics to analyze and product launch tips. I highly recommend each one.

What Designers can Learn from Product Managers

This article Facebook product design director Julie Zhou speaks about traits that product managers have that designers should acquire as well. This includes “thoughtful framing”, how designers can better explain why they are making certain design choices and the thought behind their designs. Social interactions are also emphasized like using communication skills more effectively and breaking large plans down into smaller components in order to take more effective action.


Finding the One Metric that Matters

This article relevant metrics that are important to businesses and how to use them effectively. It highlights 4 key factors to consider – purpose, specificity, trackability, and business value. These factors combine to dictate how relevant the metric is and determine if it ‘matters’.

Product Management: Startup vs. Big Company

Written by Sara Mauskopf, Director of Product at Postmates, the article distinguishes between startup product management that of large enterprises (such as Google). It points out how to deal with the various tasks that will come up like being flexible and how to mentally prepare. Many of these tasks are aligned between companies of any size and the article illustrates how product management between small and large companies are as similar as they are different.

5 Effective Ways to Launch a New Product

This article is a great read discussing the how to’s of new product launches. The article advocates strong use of social media, search engines, giveaways and promotional products, and pay-per-click advertising to successfully launch a new product into the market.

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