Discover the Secret to Leading the Finest Product Team Yet with Lea Goldberger

Lea Goldberger is a product executive, consultant and mentor. She currently works at IT Central Station as the VP of Product Management. Her areas of expertise include leading content, community and social teams in order to achieve their goals through optimal execution strategies. Lea prides herself in bringing inspiration and motivation to each and every

How to Create a SharePoint Custom List to Organize Your Product Management Duties

Attention all SharePoint users! Understanding the ins and outs to the software is essential to getting the most out of the product.   Building a SharePoint Custom List can be helpful for numerous reasons, from increased efficiency to improved organization, the custom lists offer an alternative and structured outlook on information.   In product management,

A Goldilocks Approach to Product Management Performance

Too hot…too cold… just right.   Let’s take a spin on Goldilocks and learn from this infographic. How can you get your product management performance to be at just the right temperature.   Product management is, in many ways, what determines the success of a product. It all lies in a well-operating product life-cycle at the mercy

3 Things Really Successful Product Managers Avoid Doing

For a product to be successful, product managers must make sure they are working hard to keep everything in order and avoid making any mistakes. There are some mistakes that some managers make that cause a whole product launch to fail. This can be very frustrating especially when the whole reason behind a new product

6 Tips on How to Get Immediate Customer Love for Your Online Product

Let’s be honest, while customers can often be a lot to handle, you can’t live without them either. They are the foundation of any business, and their loyalty is what gets you a regular paycheck. However, customers can be very fickle, and keeping them happy is a difficult thing. If you make one wrong move,

Important Production Management Notes and Tips

When searching online for production management notes, you probably get the “joy” of finding nothing but introductory class notes for MBAs that tells you stuff you already know about the history of production management and industry in general. What you were really looking for were notes and tips for general improved production management. Well, you’ve