3 Things Really Successful Product Managers Avoid Doing

For a product to be successful, product managers must make sure they are working hard to keep everything in order and avoid making any mistakes. There are some mistakes that some managers make that cause a whole product launch to fail. This can be very frustrating especially when the whole reason behind a new product launch is to increase traffic and revenues for the company.

Successful product managers avoid doing these three things when it comes to their products and their launch. You should pay attention.

1. Lack of Discipline or Consistent Planning

If a product manager has a lack of discipline, he or she will not stick to the plans that have been set forth. It is important for product managers to make sure that they are disciplined and always sticking to the tasks they need to complete.

A product manager who is successful will manage their time well and also maintain their discipline. They will also make sure that their employees are maintaining their discipline as well.

A successful product manager will also constantly plan out their next move or goal for the group. It is important to have goals and milestones. This allows you to see your progress and allows you to stay on track. Without consistent planning, you will never know what to do next when it comes to a product launch and you may miss a deadline. Your employees will respect your more if you are a good and consistent planner. No one wants to stay after work to fix problems or cram in work before a deadline due to inconsistent planning.

 2. Looking at a Product Launch as the End All Event, Rather than Maintaining Momentum

A key mistake – in particular in the era of Agile but even in non-Agile development cycles – is to look at a product launch as a one-time event. While it is true that the product “launch” is an initial event, it is the first in what will be many successive launches which included upgraded versions and features. Therefore, rushing the process in the lead up to an initial product launch can have sour results that are not beneficial for your company or product.

When the product is in the beta phase, you want to make sure to keep testing it and never rush this process. This is the phase where any bugs that are there can be identified. If you rush the process, your client may have a product that does not work correctly.

When it comes to a product launch, a successful product manager will view the process as a whole and will want to maintain a nice pace throughout the process. Successful managers understand that testing the product takes time and this is why a plan is beneficial. Having a plan will keep you on track and allow for the time needed to test the product; thus time won’t matter and you will be able to test the product without rushing deadlines.

 3. Failure in Customer Experience and Education

Successful product managers understand and know their customers. They know what their customers need and also what they want. They are able to communicate with their customers and keep them happy. Yet success also goes beyond just knowing what your customers want and need. You must be aware of what your customer knows, and to educate them with critical information to fill in any knowledge gaps, for two reasons. First, you want the customer of course to learn how to use your product and know how to get the most out of it. In addition, you want to onboard them to the product, and new features, in order so that they can provide you with critical and rapid feedback. I truly believe that the failure to educate your customers will result in a failed product as well.

You can educate your customers through programs such as online guidance platforms such as WalkMe. These interactive tutorials will allow your customers the chance to see the product in action and it will also demonstrate the need for your product.

Successful product managers are connected with their customers and they understand what it is their customers need and want. In addition to this, they also know they need to educate their customers. Without this education, customers will not know why they need to have the product. A successful product manager will be able to effectively handle a product launch and introducing it to the public. It is important to make sure you always have a plan and stick to it.


Mark is the Lead Author & Editor of Spectechular Blog. Mark established the Spectechular blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Product Management.