19 Product Managers You Must Follow

I like to stay relevant regarding product management. Any product manager worth his weight in salt has to understand the changes taking place in his environment. The easiest way for you to do so is through Twitter. I love Twitter. I know exactly what’s going on in the news, celebrity gossip, tech and product manager in 140 characters and its awesome. In order for you to be up to date with the product management community I’ve compiled a list of product managers I think you must follow.

1. Ben Horowitz

2. Mike Fishbein

3. Ken Norton

4. Steve Johnson

5. Adam Crouch

6. Brian de Haaf

Make Your Product Simple to Use and Understand

7. Lulu Cheng

8. Eric Ries

9. Noah Weiss

10. Nir Eyal

11. Martin Erikkson

12. Kevin Lee

13. Paul Yokota

14. Jeff Gothelf

15. Melissa Perri

16. Andrew Chen

17. Janice Fraser

18. Ali Sadhik Shaik

19. Matt Anderson

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