2 Small Changes That Will Have Big Results in Product Management

Creating a product and selling it to the end user are two entirely different facets in any product life cycle. As a product manager, you have to understand that repeat sales are what determine whether your customers were really satisfied by whatever product they purchased from you. This means you have to develop a product that does not disappoint customers after purchasing it. This is what differentiates an average product from an exceptional one. It is important for every product manager to strive to improve whatever product he or she deals with, so as to ensure that it serves the unique needs that specific customers have.

Implementing the following two simple changes in your product is likely to have tremendous results in product management.

#1 – Act On All the Feedback You Receive

Every product manager’s goal is to satisfy the needs of the end user. You cannot satisfy the customers’ needs if you do not listen to what they want. Although customers may sometimes have unrealistic expectations, you have to determine what you can do to enhance their experience after using the product. Additionally, every customer has unique needs that might differ from what others need, hence making it necessary to find a balance on the common solutions that your product provides.

It is always advisable to work closely with the sales personnel to get to know the feedback they received from current and prospective customers. This will help you implement different changes on the product to make it more appealing to more and more customers. Since the sales teams are the ones that know what customers say when they do not want to buy your product, this is the team you need to work with while determining what to offer to prospective customers. You can use this information to get to know the features to highlight when selling the product based on the feedback obtained from various customers. Focusing on the product’s strengths will help boost your sales. Also, any drawbacks or problems that customers mentioned can be determined, as well.

#2 Consult with Support Staff

Your support staff could also offer valuable information on the expectations of customers. The support staff deal with the problems that different customers experience every day as they use the product/s. In fact, customers are likely to give feedback about the pros and cons of whatever product you offer. This will make it easy to make the necessary changes in the product. Implementing some of the feedback you receive through your support staff and sales teams will also make them feel valued, which means they will work harder.


Listen to your customers and colleagues these are great sources of information and feedback on the quality of your product. As the popular saying goes – the customer is the king. Therefore, tailor your products to meet the needs of your prospective customers if you want to get big results in product management.


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