3 Growth Hacking Tips to Try

Marketing is a very important tactic of a successful business and growth hacking is becoming an essential part of that tactic in many technology businesses, these days. Many new entrepreneurs don’t know about growth hacking and what exactly it can provide for their business. In easy words you can say, growth hacking is a modern way of marketing your product through the help of latest technologies and social media at the startup level.

You can easily hire some growth hackers with the management or economics degree. Many big entrepreneurs keep their growth hackers separately from their marketing departments. Generally, growth hackers are more technical than the normal marketers and their only objective is to grow the company. Creativity is the most important characteristic of any growth hacker and he thinks beyond from just SEO techniques and some Ad words and this technique is way cheaper than normal marketing techniques.

Normally, rapid growth and steady paced growth are two important strategy approach of growth hacking. Rapid growth hacking is generally used when a business needs some quick user database and it’s normally based on some kind of hype concept. Steady paced growth is used when a business needs some loyal audience for their product, but it doesn’t generate quick audience like rapid growth strategy.

Here in this article we are going to tell you about some great growth hacking tips, which you can try.

The Right Brand Name is as Important as the Business

Choosing a right brand name for your startup business is very important. The brand name of any business should be very unique, catching, simple and easy to remember. For example, Amazon is very simple and catching brand name and as we all know this brand name doesn’t have any connection with the river Amazon. This brand name starts with the letter “A”, which also ranks this brand name higher, with all other brands, in alphabetical order.

Using Right Social Media for the Right Content

All social media sites are not the same, so just posting all of your content on all social media sites would not be a wise decision. It would just waste your precious time. Twitter is the best place for brief and frequent updates and Facebook is for less frequent updates. If you want to place your B2B updates, then LinkedIn is the best place for it. You should reply to all the queries of updates and target the potential audiences continuously.

Try to Sell Your Story Instead of Your Product

Just remembering the product name can be a little bit difficult, but if you relate that product with some interesting story, then your audience can easily connect with you through this medium. Try to tell the audience about the making of that specific product in some interesting way or try to connect to the audience with some personal story related to the product.

Just remember, growth hacking is not some step by step procedure, which you can apply to all the products, but it’s a creative way of executing your ideas in a more planned manner.


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