3 Minute Product Manager: Strategic Role of Product Management

Looking to become a product manager, but unsure what that includes? Or, are you a veteran in this field and always looking to make improvements? There are various roles that a product manager is in charge of, including managing both the customer aspect along with the product. But what makes a successful product manager? Creating a product that lures in the customers is one thing, but maintaining it in order to ensure that the customers remain loyal is another.

Planning you product strategy? Make it complete. 

In this short but insightful video by Kevolve Product Management, you’ll be taken through a helpful outline of the role of a product manager and provided with an explanation of what it entails. This video uses a colorful presentation writing out exactly what the strategic role of a product manager is, and is presented in a clear and easy to understand format. From what our purpose really is, to who exactly we work with, to who we essentially end up helping by performing our jobs- this video outlines our role in a way I’ve never seen before, you definitely don’t want to miss it!


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