5 Ways to Optimize Product Management

Product management is a diverse field, and within it lays many opportunities for expansion and development. With that however, comes many challenges. A good product manager has every opportunity to succeed when they know where to focus on, and to make sure their team has the strategic skills to consistently deliver profitable products to the market.

This infographic by 280Group outlines some of the most prominent challenges in product management, while offering methods to optimize efficiency.  Using colorfully shaped, and attractive graphs, challenges such as lacking capable leaders, an efficient process, and a plan to optimize product management are presented. The infographic outlines seemingly conflicting statistics. Based on a recent poll it was found that 57% of product managers are tactical and not considered strategic leaders. However, 59% describe product managers as effective within their company.

Planning you product strategy? Make it complete. 

What can we take away from these inconsistent numbers, and how can you optimize your own product management skills? 280Group presents five fantastic options on how to enhance your skills. As product managers, you must be aware of all your duties, as well as your leadership tactics. Companies want their product managers to present themselves as competent and effective leaders, while also getting their job done. So, take a look at these important tips on how to improve your product management capabilities, and become one of the effective product managers and raise the statistics!


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