Apple iPhone SE Release: What Can Product Managers Learn from It

Some of the buzz has died down after Apple’s special event in California on March 21st when they introduced the new iPhone, the iPhone SE. Apple in their press release called the iPhone SE the “most powerful phone with a four-inch display”. What are some of the takeaways Product Managers and Marketers can learn from the release of the iPhone SE?

Show Them You’re Listening

Although Apple released their iPhone 6S this past fall, they didn’t wait a whole year to release their newest model. Some Apple users weren’t thrilled with the oversized screens of the iPhone 6S, so they stayed with their smaller 4 inch iPhone 5s. In order to regain their followers, Apple showed they can be flexible, and instead of making an even bigger iPhone they opted to show loyalty to their small-screen lovers.

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Look for the Emerging Market

The majority of American Millennials prefer the bigger screen, so why would Apple not give the audience what they are looking for? Seemingly, the smaller screen size would be a downside. Apple is attempting to tap into the emerging smartphone buying market in China that prefer the smaller 4 inch screens. The tech giants are hoping to attract a range of 40-50 year olds as well, who find that the iPhone 6S is a bit too cumbersome.


If at First You Do Not Succeed

If you recall back in 2013, Apple tried to release a slightly cheaper phone, the iPhone 5C,  to reach the emerging market of first time buyers who didn’t want to break the bank on their purchase. Apple is selling the iPhone SE for users who want to join the Apple Ecosystem and still be able to pay their rent, at the starting price of $399.


Summing it up – the iPhone SE Release

Product managers when trying to market their products should show their loyal customers support, pay attention to emerging markets, and not be afraid to try old techniques that might have failed the first time.


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