Best of Product Management This Week

Another week has come and gone and the Product Marketing Machine is Buzzing as always. Each week, I summarize and send all the best and most talked about articles.

And, here they are:

1# 13 steps to becoming a better product manager

To become a productive product manager you need a number of skills and capabilities. Here are 13 steps by Michael Bordash on how to grow your product management skills and become a valuable employee in your place of work.

2# 3 Things that every product manager should know in order to manage

If you are like me, you will agree that being a product manager is not an easy task due to the many management obligations on our shoulders. Below are 3 tidbits by DRJIM on how to deliver the expected results as a product manager.

3# 6 Tips on how to get customer love for your product

Selling a product or service through the internet is not as easy as it sometimes seems. Earlier this week I did some research and discovered 6 tips on how to get customer love for your online products. Here is that article by me, Mark Silver, if you missed it.

4# Agile and Tech comm: Viewing the Agile process through Executives’ eyes

Agile development involves a number of tasks that seek to work on various user stories over and over again in order meet your customers’ expectations in terms of value. Alyssa Fox takes a look at the Executive’s perspective of the Agile Process.

5# The World is a product

This is one of the articles that really grasped my attention. More often than not, we are tempted to direct all our attention to the process rather than the end result. Michael Butlltsky teaches you more about product management in his brief, but content-rich article.


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