CobaltPM Review

In case you work in an organization you may have come across CobaltPM. Actually this is a cloud based project management software. The software makes it easy for you to manage projects in your entire organization. In an organization, different teams many be working from different departments but through use of CobaltPM you will be able to manage the project at a single point. It can be easily applied to small projects to mid sizes. The interface is powerful but proves to be very easy to use. It is among SaaS products that many managers can enjoy working with; the product t is available at affordable fees which make many people prefer it in running their projects.

The software can be used to plan, track and manage big projects easily. It has many utilities such as tracking, scheduling, reporting, risk management, time tracking and analytics. In case you will like to control your resources while running projects it also proves to be very helpful in controlling resources in different projects.

Remember resources are every necessary for a smooth completion of any project and through using the tool you will be assured of smooth running of your project where you will allocate resources effectively. The cobalt management tool makes it very convenient for users where they can access it from anywhere. This is because it is a web based application which you will only need internet connections for you to use it. You will also achieve in making different adjustments to the applications such as updating any time you will be connected to the internet.

Features of CobaltPM

  • Team Collaboration feature
  • Project Schedule feature
  • Time tracking, which will enable you know the time you have spent in a certain project
  • Cost Management which is very essential in enabling you allocate resources
  • Resource Management feature which will enable you manage the application
  • Issue tracking feature. This will a low you track any issues while carrying out your project
  • Risk Management. This will enable you manage any risk that may come up during project undertaking.
  • Change Management. This is an essential feature in cobaltPM which will enable you as a user achieve in changing the┬ámanagement of your organization.
  • Document Management. This will be used to manage documents in your organization
  • Calendar feature
  • Reports. Enables users to create reports of different projects
  • Custom Reporting feature
  • Unlimited Projects feature allows users to carry out different projects simultaneously
  • Status updates feature is used to update statues of the application
  • Executive Dashboard feature. This allows the users to access different feature available in the application.
  • My Tasks View feature will enable you view the tasks that you are carrying out at a given time
  • Unlimited Free Guests. This is a feature that allows different users to make use of the application in running a projec
  • Portfolio Management. It is a feature that will allow you manage the portfolio of the application
  • Specifications of CobaltPM

The application is intended for users such as freelancers, mid-size business, large enterprises, nonprofit organizations, small scale business and public administrations. The application is fully web based where it supports English language. Countries where it can be applied include Australia, Asia, China, Europe, India, Germany, Japan, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, United states and United Kingdom. The application is available from as low as $49 per month. For you to start using the application you will start by subscribing online.

Benefits of CobaltPM

Cobalt Project Manager is an application that is based on the web. This has a lot of benefits to the users. For instance, through making use of the application you will eliminate the need to buy bulk gadgets that will be used to support the applications in your organization. The fact that the application works online makes it easy for the workers in an organization to concentrate in matters that affect the organization in running different projects. This is unlike cases where they will be required to carry out maintenance of machines which will have been used in case the application was not supported online. Maintenance of the application is also easy where they users will access assistance online easily.

CobaltPM is very easy to use. This is another benefit that the users will enjoy while making use oof the application. When making use of the application you will use clearly marked tabs for you to perform different operations. It does not require too much training for your workers to achieve in making use of it. This is another way through which you can save time while improving the performance of your workers while carrying out different projects.

In case you have ever made use of other project management software before, you will find CobaltPM very simple to use where it has a lot of improvements on the previous versions of project management software. Each feature available on CobaltPM has its own roles. By just clicking on the dashboard you will easily access different features depending on the tab that you have clicked on.

The application can support a group of people working simultaneous on a given project. This will enable them save time that they will use to accomplish a certain project. This is unlike other applications that may require one user to make use of them at ago in an organization. Issues that may arise from a certain department can easily be tracked using the application. This saves on time that you will be used before an issue can be solved in an organization. Remember issues in an organization can lead to lowering the efficiency of the organization in running different projects.

Due to the powerful features availed on CobaltPM, it is among the best project management software that any user can turn to, in case he will like to achieve more out of the project that he may be running in his organization.


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