Competitor Analysis Tools all Product Managers Should Know

Competitor analysis is very important for any business that wants to become an industry leader as it allows you to check out your major competitors. This is because you know what they are up to allowing you to beat them at their own game and getting the major share of the market.

Nowadays thanks to advancement in technology, the process has been made much easier as there are certain tools that can be used to get the results you are looking for such as:

Open Site Explorer 

This is one of the best competitor analysis tools that are found in the market today. This can be used to predict domain and page authority and it can also be used to calculate the number of inbound links as well as determine the potential of domain rankings with the help of over 40 parameters. This also features a total links feature that shows you the total number of links that a certain site has. You have an option of using the free version or a paid version that comes with more features at your disposal. It was developed by MOZ which has a history and reputation of developing highly effective SEO tools.

Raven Tools 

You can be assured that your competitions will never willing offer their success stories. However this can be uncovered easily as part of your competitor analysis campaign using Raven Tools. These are tools that are designed in such a way that they help to break down the SEO strategies used by your competitors. These offer a user friendly interface as well as a seamless integration with other third party tools like Facebook, MajesticSEO, Twittter, SEM rush and Wordtracker. This will help you to analyze your competitor’s pages, quality scores, domain statistics and links.

Keyword Spy 

This is another great option you have when looking for competitor analysis tools. One of the best ways that you can learn your competitors is by finding out the most powerful keywords that help to bring in traffic in a bid to gain competitive intelligence from the firms. The tool offers an organic competitor report where all you have to do is key in the targeted phrase or keyword and you will get to discover how different keywords behave. This will really help you out when you want to dig deeper and find out what makes the competitors tick.

Screaming Frog 

This is an invaluable tool that offers to analyze optimization of the competitor’s pages. This goes through all their pages and gives you a great view of the titles that have been used for all the pages, tags, descriptions and so much more. This will also help you compare your personal site with that of the competitors. Keep in mind that page titles are really important when it comes to SEO meaning they need to be unique and should also target keywords that your clients can easily search for. This way you will be better optimized for your competitors as well as keywords after using the competitor analysis tool to maximize on profits.


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