Customer Focused Management VS Product Focused Management

Customer focused management is becoming widely popular as many companies are realizing its importance over produce focused management. Focused management of the either form is important for the success of a business. It is the most important aspect of business as it is the function that coordinates the efforts of every individual associated with the company to reach a set of goals and fulfill the objectives of the company.

It is very important to ensure that the different aspect of the business is in complete sync with each other in order to create business harmony. If there is found to be lack in any one of the aspects then it will affect the company as a whole and not just a single person or a particular department. Therefore, a good manager is the one who successfully manages the skills, expertise and efforts of every single person associated with the company.

The current market scenario suggests that the brands should focus more on the customers instead of their products. At the end of the day the satisfaction of the customers should be the aim of any running business that would want to achieve success in the market. A large number of companies put a lot of focus on improving their product quality. It goes unsaid that the quality of the products should be better than the competitors to have a better grip of the customers.

If the product quality is compromised then the customers will move on to try same products from other businesses in hope of getting better quality. Therefore, every company should ensure that the quality of their products is supreme so that the customers do not move on to find out better alternatives. However, apart from improving and maintain product quality alone, businesses should focus on the customers too. Customers are the lifeblood of any business, so their satisfaction should be the top priority of businesses of all sizes. Customer focused management is the most important management forms that should be adopted by business managers in order to leverage the success of their business organizations.

A product focused manager strategizes to create the best product while on the on the other hand a customer focused manager strategizes to create the best solution for the customer. The former is always looking for new products to develop while the latter is searching for new needs of customers to fulfill in order to satisfy them. Product focused management focuses on new product development while customer focused management focuses on new solution development. If a manager is product focused one then he rewards development of new products and if he is customer focused then he rewards people who have better insight of the customer mindset.

If a company follows product focused management system then it will grow at a fast rate without a doubt because it is working hard to improve the product quality. On the other hand, if the company wants to grow even more and to retain the number of customers it has gained then it has to follow customer focused management system.


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