Excellent TED Talk for Product Managers: The Art of Choosing

By: Mark @Spectechular Silver

The way we make choices from the most arbitrary to the most compelling is in many ways informed by our upbringing and culture. Sheena Iyengar explores fundamental assumptions that Americans have on how choices are made, and how these lessons that teaches us to realize potential of choice.

One key point is that we often assume that if a choice affects you, then you should be the one to make it, as it allows us to fully express our individuality. This act of choosing as an individual is only true if your self is clearly divided from others. Through a study among children of different cultures, Iyengar found that when individuals saw their choices as connected with others, they turned it into a collective act.

Acknowledging interdependence and individual fallibility gives more weight in your choices. Product managers may want to look to collective options when making choices.

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