Fast and Furious. Steer Your Product to the Right Direction

I’d like to think of myself as a pretty good product manager. Product managers by definition have to be very confident in their abilities to lead and to make the correct decisions. After all, that is the role of a product manager; you need to be the steering wheel of a NASCAR racecar.  Your tech guys are the fuel injectors, salesmen are your wheels, designers are the frame, CEO is the engine, and you are the steering wheel. Without you the product will crash at the slightest nudge.

NASCAR stockcars are notorious for not wanting to drive in a straight line. A sport that to some might look easy is in actuality extremely complicated. These cars do not want to follow a straight line, don’t have any electrical instruments, and almost no brakes if any. The driver, aka the customer, feels the product through you, the steering wheel. In order for the customer to understand the product, you must understand all the energy and vibrations you feel and allow the customer to understand what they mean and how to use them.

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