Free Product Management Software – Pros and Cons

Free product management software enables production managers to increase their output – risk free- and the compare it to their previous production rates. Some examples include WalkMe, or Sugar CRM and Gnucash – which are both open source and free. So, let’s get down to it. What are the pros and cons of using free product management software?

Pros of Product Management Software

1. Prevents Production Delays and Conflicts

· The software, which is often SaaS, enables you to manage your production requirements effectively, avoiding production delays and failures that can lead to customers.

· You can create products that satisfy customer needs while, at the same time learning about new demands of the customer.

· Automatic change notifications and tracking help you stay on top of production changes, avoiding pitfalls that often lead to management conflicts and failure.

2. Increased Productivity of the Team

· Free product management software increases productivity.  It enables you to follow units of products per hour and make corrections to edit the supply (leading to increased revenue from the sales).

· It also enhances the quality of products that are manufactured to market. Quality ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

3. Saves Money

· Free product management software can takes care of backup, database hosting, and production maintenance – all in one; reducing the total production cost.

· It is free and easy to install to PCs and smart devices when compared to other paid software sold in the market.

4. The software has impressive features for executives

· It enables you to record and implement executive demands in the management process.

· It helps build repeatable management practices that can be recorded and will assist the organization to grow and scale up quickly.

· It helps the employees in implementing management demands.

5. Increased security of the management system

It allows organizations to install security measures that catch intruders or system hackers. It also keeps an eye on fraud within the company.

Cons of Free Product Management Software

1. It needs intense employee training

Free product management software often needs advanced employee training after it’s installed. Failure to educate the employees can lead to massive losses by the company. Vigorous training of employee is the only way to educate your staff on the software.

2. Compromised production safety when the software is not properly installed

Free production management software may need the experience of a qualified programmer for installation. Failure to do this may lead to software breakdowns that can cause a company huge amounts of money. In addition, hackers may also take advantage of the ‘insecurity.’

3. Frequent software maintenance 

The software needs frequent and seasonal maintenance to enable it to work properly. Often the best features are not ‘free’ and eventually you will have to pay.

Free product management software has its pros and cons. Hopefully you are now better informed when making your decision to implement this software.

Mark is the Lead Author & Editor of Spectechular Blog. Mark established the Spectechular blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Product Management.