Great Infographic: Here Are the 10 Highest-Paying Jobs at Google

At Google, the top pay is for contract positions leading software development and directors of product management are the highest paid, which is expected due to Google’s emphasis on engineering. At large tech companies, it is not uncommon to see contractors earn more salary than full-time employees because they often are unable to get stock options and perks. The top 10 salaries at Google range from $143,000 to $241,000 per year. Lead Software Engineer Contractors top the list at $221,000-$239,000 and Senior Manages are in last at $143,000-$192,000. The rest of the list is as follows in order: Product Management Director ($203k-$218k), Directors ($172k-$231k), Engineering Director ($184k- $198k), Human Resources Director ($183k-$199k), Senior Partner Technology Manager ($180k-$195k), Staff User Experience Designer ($167k-$197k), Marketing Director ($165k-$179k) and Group Product Manager ($157k-$172k).

(Via Jobvine & Glassdoor)



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