Great Infographic: Hot Topics in Product Development and Innovation

Staying ahead of the curve when developing products has many different motivating factors.

APQC conducted a survey to find out what product development and innovation topics were most important to organizations. This infographic by APQC outlines the results of that survey and found two overarching trends.

63% of respondents said that their top priority for product development was refining the identification of customer needs, and remaining competitive in terms of profit. 70% rated that developing talent to drive innovation was important and 76% have allocated funds to this.

The two overarching trends that were found was that organizations are looking to innovate talent and are focusing on speed and effectiveness in their product development processes.

APQC's survey revealed four top priorities for product development and innovation. It also revealed that developing talent to drive innovation, rapid product development, and lean product development are most important to organizations in 2014.


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