How to Be a Great Product Leader

A product leader is required to fulfill several roles within an organization. They have to possess certain skills to ensure good sales. Many organizations come up with great performing products with amazing features but they fail to make adequate sales. This is because there is more to a great product than its features and functions.

How to Be a Great Product Leader

Refine Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most essential skills for a product leader. You have to sell a product’s vision to everybody within the organization and this requires good communication. Learn empathy and active listening to improve the way you communicate with other people.

It is also necessary to improve presentation skills to allow you to demonstrate ideas to both small and large audiences. In addition, you should work on your writing skills. Technical writing is vital especially when you have to sell ideas to various parties within and outside the organization. You will have to come up with persuasive reports and this is only possible when you possess good writing skills.


Build Relationships

As a product leader, you cannot overlook the benefits offered by good relationships. It is easy to get caught up in the business and technology aspect of the product and forget that there are individuals involved as well. Products are designed for people by people and this is why it is necessary to build relationships. Network and work closely with people in your team. You also need to create rapport with the management and peers to become a great product leader.

When you establish strong relationships, it will be easy for you to carry out your roles and responsibilities. As you establish relationships, you also need to recognize that conflict is certain and you have to learn how to manage it to enjoy good relationships.

Perfect People Management

Most product managers assume that people management is reserved for human resource personnel. But people management is vital when you need to gain support from others. With proper people management, it will be easy to get others to trust you to offer leadership. Learn how to mentor and coach the people who work under you. It is also important to provide feedback and hold one-on-one meetings. You may also have to recruit and fire people in your position as product leader. Learn how to delegate, set objectives and expectations, and evaluate results.

Identify Winning Process

New products are developed when a group of people work together and apply several tools. A product leader has to create processes that will allow this to take place quickly and offer great results. The process also needs to make each participant feel like they own it. You have to know how to come up with a process that works for your specific organization. This is because a process that proves successful at an established company may not work as well in an environment that thrives on creativity, uncertainty, and experimentation.

Know your Industry

It is impossible to be a great product leader if you do not know and understand your industry. The knowledge you learn will allow you to come up with good product vision. To gain industry knowledge, you have to interact with product users. You also need to study the competition and determine their value offer in your market compared to your company. Interacting with industry experts also helps because they can share what they know about your environment.

Learn Product Design

A product leader should know how their product is development. You should be aware of the technologies that are applied to come up with the product and how they work together. When you understand these aspects, you can communicate better with the product development team. You will also earn their trust. It will make it easy for you to understand trends in the industry, allowing you to determine how they will affect your roadmap and promote innovation.

When you are knowledgeable about the product development process, you will also communicate better with customers. A great product manager should speak confidently about the specific products a company offers. With this knowledge, you will be better placed to understand the challenges that the development team goes through and come up with effective solutions.

In addition, you need to learn a product’s lifecycle. You should know exactly what takes place to come up with the product from ideation to marketing. This knowledge will help you determine if the product is taking the right direction or not.

Master User Experience

You can only become a good product manager if you master user experience. Customers tend to be more demanding now compared to a few years ago. This means that are unwilling to settle for average experiences. Good user experience is vital if you want a product to succeed. A product manager has to identify ways to offer a pleasant product experience.

Possess Business Acumen

You need to possess business acumen to succeed as a product manager. A company needs a great product that meets the specific needs of its target audience and is profitable. A great manager knows how to balance the various components to come up with a profitable product that users will be interested in.

You should know the basic business concepts and learn how to analyze financial statements. This will give you a good idea about the company’s business and financial health. It is also important to know the company’s vision, mission, and strategy to allow you to come up with products that help you achieve this.

Know the Competition

You need to know your competition to come up with profitable products. A great product manager knows what is already available in the market and the specific need that they should meet to make adequate sale. When you know the competition, you can come up with an effective product.

An organization’s success is dependent on how well its products are received in the market. A great product leader is knowledgeable about all the aspects that influence the product development process and its success in the market.


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